About US

We transform passion for engineering into innovative projects that make a difference.

At JESANMI, S.L., we specialise in satisfying the needs of our customers through the transformation of materials by machining, welding, boilermaking and the supply of commercial elements. Our mission is to tackle assembly projects for small and large metal structures, from the creation of prototypes to series production on any scale.

Our Mission Statement

To meet the demands of our customers through the application of advanced machining, welding and boilermaking techniques, offering integral solutions for the transformation of materials and the execution of specialised assemblies.

Our objectives

  • Provide quality services in the manufacture of prototypes and series, guaranteeing precision and efficiency.
  • Manage projects from initial conception to final delivery, addressing mechanical challenges with innovative solutions.
  • To be available to solve and offer solutions to the daily challenges that arise in our customers’ operations.

In short, we are here to help you, providing expertise and commitment to overcome any obstacles in your business.


Our Objectives

Professional Advice

Our professional advice service is designed to provide you with specialised guidance in the transformation of materials, machining, welding, boilermaking and assembly of metal structures.

Customised Projects

We are dedicated to managing projects from their conception, either from an initial idea or to solve specific mechanical problems.

Customised Training

Our team of highly qualified instructors will guide you, whether it is in equipment handling, production techniques or specific solutions to industrial challenges.

Technical Support

We are available to provide you with technical assistance at any time, ensuring optimal operation of your equipment and solving any problems you may face.

Material Transformation

We carry out the transformation of materials, excelling in machining, welding and boilermaking. Our aim is to provide precise and high quality solutions.

Versatile Production

From prototyping to small or large series production, we are committed to offering versatile production that adapts to the scale and requirements of each project, ensuring efficiency and consistency.


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