Manufacturing, Development and Management: Machining, Boilermaking and Assembly

JESANMI is a company specialising in the transformation of materials, offering a wide range of services to meet the specific needs of each client. Our services include:

Manufacturing and Machining

  1. Conventional and CNC Lathes: We machine with precision using both conventional and CNC lathes, allowing us to adapt to the most detailed specifications.

  2. Milling and Bending Machines: We use milling and bending machines to efficiently shape and form materials, ensuring accurate and high quality results.

  3. Presses and Grinding: We have presses for forming work and grinding machines to ensure flawless surfaces on every component.

  4. Collaboration with Laser Cutting Companies: We work in collaboration with large laser cutting companies, expanding our capabilities and guaranteeing optimum results in each project.

Welding and Boilermaking

  1. Certified welders: We have a team of certified welders, ensuring competence and quality in each project.
  2. Welding Techniques: We master the main welding techniques, covering iron, stainless steel and aluminium, which allows us to adapt to a wide variety of needs.
    Versatility in Materials: We dare to take on any challenge, working with iron, stainless steel and aluminium to meet the most demanding expectations.
  3. Exemplary Projects: Our experience is reflected in successfully completed projects. You can explore our photo gallery to see examples of our welding and boiler work.


  1. Experience in Steel Structures: We have significant experience in the erection of steel structures, from small projects to large installations.

  2. Highly Trained Professionals: Our erection team is composed of highly trained and experienced professionals, ensuring safe and quality compliant erection.

  3. Planning and Coordination: We ensure meticulous planning and efficient coordination to ensure that the erection is carried out smoothly and on schedule.

  4. Assembly and storage hall: We have a dedicated 1200m² assembly and storage hall, providing optimal space for the preparation and organisation of components.